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NEUROCARE Home Support

PLEASE NOTE: Our Home Support initiative is effectively replacing all previous Outreach Programs.


There is a growing number of people affected by illnesses such as Dementia, cerebro-vascular Stroke, Parkinson's disease and Depression.

Many find it difficult to access specialist clinics especially when they grow older and traveling becomes a bit more tedious. Sadly the result is that many older people neglect their health allowing illnesses to progress and serious consequences to develop.

Perhaps even more alarming is the common complication of ending up on long lists of unncessary or even harmful medication when not instructed and monitored by a specialist.

In order to solve these problems we offered various successful community Outreach programs over the last few years which enabled monthly visits by Neuropsychiatrists to selected Retirement Villages locally .

Neuropsychiatrists are medical Specialists qualified in treating Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson's disease and Medical Depression.

However various problems at these venues (beyond our control) has led us to design a more efficient monitoring service in the interest of all parties involved.

The biggest problems encountered were critical nursing staff shortages, rigid and uncooperative management teams, uninvolved children and families, and a culture of unfair transference of all responsibilities to external sources of help.


Caring families are now able to activate our Home Support monitoring service, which will effectively offer an onsite external review by a NEUROCARE appointed Nursing Sister, Carer of Doctor at intervals stipulated by the Family.

Scheduled (and unscheduled) assessments of the quality of care at Retirement Villages (or even at independent homes) is now clearly proven to be the most effective way in safeguarding proper care delivery in the community.

NEUROCARE Home Support intend to assist with and correct any care shortfalls once identified, and as such may assist with medication compliance, clinical referral or hospitalization if need be, general health monitoring such as intake, weight etc. and implement various screening programs.

In the event that clinical referral or hospitalization is required please take note of the PMB provisions as stipulated at the top of the front page of this site.

Application Process

Families are requested to forward the completed application form below to your nearest NEUROCARE Office. We will then reply with specific proposals and cost estimates.

The NEUROCARE Home Support service is widely accepted as perhaps the most cost-effective option available.

Application Form

We hereby wish to apply for NEUROCARE Home Support monitoring and support.

We hereby opt out of the processing of NEUROCARE Home Support monitoring and support.


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