Specialist Neuropsychiatric Liaison Service

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International Packages

South African Doctors

South Africa has built a reputation for training and offering the world excellent Medical Specialists.

The likes of Prof Chris Barnard (Cardio-thorasic Surgeon) who transplanted the first human heart, and Prof Peter Jacobs (world renowned Hematologist and Researcher), have helped to establish the current international opinion of South African trained Doctors.

The Country still offers leading Hospitals on the African continent such as the famous Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town.

Annually numerous overseas Medical Students visit our shores hoping to gain valuable practical experience uniquely on offer at a variety of settings.

Reciprocally South African trained Doctors are known for gaining additional academic exposure by working or furthering their studies abroad and the vast majority boast with either UK, US or European post-graduate experience.

The Private Healthcare setting in South Africa is rated amongst the best in the world, and offer many Specialist Units.

NEUROCARE Stellenbosch is a recognized national referral center providing coordinated Clinical Neuroscience Services, and as such not only boast with prominent Brain Specialists, but also enjoys the support of a leading international Private Hospital Group, Medi-Clinic.

Clinical Services

NEUROCARE Stellenbosch is supported by a full complement of experienced Brain Specialists, and as such offer comprehensive services in Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology and Neurosurgery.

All our Specialists are experienced Clinicians who has gained both local- and international expertise.

Specialist Consultation is complemented by state-of-the-art

The combination of the comprehensive NEUROCARE Clinical Service and Medi-Clinic Private Hospital support is considered by many a unique offering to Patients seeking specialist Neuroscience assessment.

As such the Center is frequented by Patients from all over South Africa and Africa, and a significant percentage of Patients are from international destinations most commonly from the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland and Ireland.

International Patients unanimously comment on the quality of service delivery considering the far lesser cost compared to overseas destinations.

Additional advantages include discrete Patient confidentiality (for instance when investigating for memory disorders), and the obvious advantage of superior access to all services without waiting-list frustrations.

Medical Tourism Services

All international Patients receive priority bookings, and detailed assistance with scheduling visits.

Airport transfers and local travel arrangements are carefully planned.

Accommodation arrangements on either a three star, superior four star or five star basis.

Optional holiday arrangements such as to Cape Town's many attractions or the Kruger National Park can be arranged.

Contact Us

To access this service Patients are requested to email an initial short clinical description of the problem to Dr Jan Swanepoel directly (for reasons of confidentiality). His email address is .

Once agreed that our service will be appropriate, Dr Swanepoel will reply with such confirmation, and an initial quote of applicable services.

Great care is taken to personalize each individual Patient.

Patients are responsible for their own travel arrangements to South Africa.

Airport transfers, accommodation arrangements and a clinical schedule will be confirmed once a non-refundable 50% deposit has been received.

We take great pride in this service, and has done so for a long time. We are looking forward to welcome you to the sunshine shores of South Africa!