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Outpatient Consultation

NEUROCARE Outpatient Consultation take place daily at venues central to Neuroscience Service delivery, and is currently coordinated from prominent offices at Stellenbsoch Medi-Clinic.

Stellenbosch Medi-Clinic is nationally considered to be a Center of Excellence.

Outpatient assessment is centered around accurate diagnosis, confirmatory special investigation (laboratory tests, EEG, MRI brain, MEDIWEB), and devising multi-disciplinary treatment plans applicable to all illnesses of brain or mind.

Of special note is a truly coordinated approach where different Brain Specialists offer coordinated strategies covering all aspects of the illnesses in question.

As such NEUROCARE uniquely offer the input of various disciplines through on site Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Neuropsychologist, Neurosurgeons and specialist Physicians.

Primary illnesses are managed comprehensively, but importantly secondary brain and mind complications resulting from such illnesses are also addressed.

For Patients with medical insurance, services are fully supported by Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) programs which enable preventative strategies and cost-effective service delivery.

Daily emergency appointments are available and catered for, and systems are in place to facilitate emergency hospital admission when required. Again PMB support applies.

Various screening tests are offered for identification of illness complications, as well as for monitoring progress and improvement. As such NEUROCARE enjoys preferential access to numerous MEDIWEB modules (see ).

Family and friends are always welcome to attend Outpatient appointments, pending on Patient approval. However, active participation and a team-approach to care is actively encouraged.

Outpatient visits offer an opportunity to fine-tune medication, receive therapeutic input, and on occasion receive support administratively (chronic medication application etc.).

In many instances NEUROCARE Outpatient Consultation is the start to a whole new (specialist) road to diagnosis, understanding your illness, or treatment.