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Tariffs as from 1 January 2018

Practice Policies, Terms and Conditions

These tariffs are applicable to SA Resident Patients only and are set as per national accepted guidelines.

Please note that this Practice is contracted out, and as such no specific contractually arrangements with Medical Aids are in place.

Consultation fees are strictly payable in full on the day of consultation.

In all circumstances Patients remain responsible for all expenses applicable.

When a referral was done by a Specialist Doctor, a progress report would be sent. Please inform us should you object to such a referral reply.

In the event of a Patient terminating assessments preliminary, we are hereby indemnified from rebating partial value.

Confirmed appointments not attended or cancelled within 24-hours of scheduled times will be invoiced in full.

Additional duties such as coordinating care, interviewing family members etc. may incur additional costs.

Generalservices Discounted tariff
1. On-site assessment R 500
2. Mediweb reporting R 500/m
3. Medication collection By quote
4. Medication administration By quote
5. Test administration By quote
Additional duties  
1. Family conferences R 700
2. Doctor meetings Consultation
3. Placement motivations R 500


I accept the above tariffs, terms and conditions, and agree to be responsible for communicating any accidental billing mistakes promptly for correction prior to contemplating any further action.





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