Dr Annette Swanepoel - Neurologist

Tariffs as from 1 July 2019

Practice Policies, Terms and Conditions

These tariffs are applicable to SA Resident Patients only and are set as per national HealthMan guidelines as approved by the Neurological Association of South Africa (NASA).

Please note that this Practice is contracted out, and as such no specific contractually arrangements with Medical Aids are in place.

Consultation fees are strictly payable in full on the day of consultation. Exceptional arrangements can only be approved by Dr Swanepoel once requested and agreed to in person.

Please inform us should you not want an ICD10 code on your billing or correspondence.

When a referral was done by a Specialist Doctor, a letter would be sent regarding your diagnosis and treatment. Please inform us should you object to such a referral reply.

The Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) law applies to many conditions applicable to Neurology. More information is obtainable from this site.

Please note that you remain ultimately responsible for your oustanding account, and for being aware of what your Medical Aid has authorized. The Practice is hereby indemnified for all hospitalization, Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) or medication related liability, despite our voluntary assistance in obtaining authorization numbers etc.

Consultation services Tariff
1. New patient consultation (code 0192) R 2200
2. New patient consultation in hospital (code 0175) R 2200
3. Follow-up patient consultation (code 0191) R 1200
4. Follow-up patient consultation in hospital (code 0109) R 1200
Laboratory services  
1. EEG taking of record test (code 2711) R 1200
2. EEG interpreting of record test (code 2712) R 1200
3. EMG single needle test (code 0713) R 1500
4. EMG needle (no code applicable) R 300
5. Sensory Nerve conduction study test (code 0735) R 500 each or Aid Rate
6. Motor Nerve conduction study test (code 0733) R 500 each or Aid Rate
Administrative services  
1. Prescriptions and sick notes (code 0132) R 200
2. Special motivations such as pre-authorization DSMs and PMBs (code 0133) R 300
3. Chronic medication motivations (code 0199) R 400
4. Additional duties stipulated above (no code applicable) R2175/hour


I accept the above tariffs, terms and conditions, and agree to be responsible for communicating any accidental billing mistakes promptly for correction prior to contemplating any further action.





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