Dr Jan Swanepoel - Liaison Neuropsychiatrist

Tariffs as from 1 January 2020

Practice Policies, Terms and Conditions

These tariffs are applicable to SA Resident Patients only and are set as per national HealthMan guidelines as approved by the SA Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP). Generally no referral letters are required for accessing this service.

Where specific Medical Insurance contractual arrangements are in place tariffs may vary, no levies will be applicable and claims will be submitted directly. Current contractual agreements are in place for Discovery Health, Medscheme, GEMS, Polmed and most smaller Companies.

Discounted private tariffs are available to Patients wishing to pay on the day of consultation and claim back from their Insurance themselves, or when no specific contractual arrangement is in place.

In the event of a Patient not using the full reserved time-slot by addressing all problems in a portion of the time, or by not attending a reserved appointment, Dr Swanepoel is hereby indemnified from rebating partial value to either Patient or Medical Aid.

Due to the nature and complexity of Liaison Psychiatry tariffs are charged for global services rendered and Patients hereby agree to wave any strict face-to-face time-based principle.

Medication scripts for brain disorders by Codes of Practice require in-person review at least on a three-monthly basis, and longer term prescriptions will apply in exceptional circumstances only.

Consultation services Aid reference Private tariff
1. Routine consultations (code 0163 consultation, 0168 hospital, or 2974 therapy): 21-30 minutes R 1610 R 1500
2. Longer consultations (code 0164 consultation, 0169 hospital, or 2975 therapy): 40+ minutes R 2415 R 2000
3. Routine tele-medicine (telephonic-, WhatsApp voice, WhatsApp video calls): 20- minutes   R 1000
4. Longer tele-medicine (telephonic-, WhatsApp voice, WhatsApp video calls): 20+ minutes   R 1500
Administrative services
1. Prescriptions and sick notes (code 0132) R 203 R 200
2. Special motivations such as pre-authorization DSMs and PMBs (code 0133) R 349 R 200
3. Chronic medication motivations (code 0199) R 437 R 200
Legal services
1. Curatorship reports   R 5000
2. Decisional capacity assessments   R 5000
3. Advanced directive formulations   R 5000
4. Do Not Resuscitate instructions   R 5000
5. Mental Health Care Act apllications   R 5000


I accept the above tariffs, terms and conditions, and agree to be responsible for communicating any accidental billing mistakes promptly for correction prior to contemplating any further action.





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